The City of Portsmouth Shared Lane Markings Continue

October 15, 2013

PORTSMOUTH, NH – As part of its ongoing efforts to improve safety for bicycling, the City has finished placing shared lane markings, also known as "sharrows," on Marcy Street. This follows the new sharrows that were placed on portions of Daniel Street and State Street last month. Shared lane markings are symbols on the roadway that indicate that the travel lane is shared by both automobiles and bicyclists. Among other benefits, shared lane markings help alert motor vehicle drivers of bicycles on the street, recommend proper bicyclist positioning, and may be configured to offer directional and wayfinding guidance. Marcy Street is part of the NH Seacoast Greenway and is also listed as a recommended bicycle route by the NH Department of Transportation. Additional information about shared lane markings has been made available on the City's website: Shared lane markings are just one component of a complete bicycle network that also includes bicycle lanes, off-road trails, designated bicycle routes, and bicycle parking facilities. The City's staff is in the process of selecting a professional consulting firm to assist with the completion of the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan – which will identify needs and deficiencies; develop guidelines and standards for bicycle and pedestrian facilities; and identify and prioritize facility improvements. The planning process is expected to be completed within 6 to 9 months. There will be opportunities for public input throughout the course of this process, and will be strongly encouraged.
For more information, please contact Juliet Walker, Transportation Planner for the City of Portsmouth Planning Department at (603) 610-7296 or by email: