Current Land Use Applications

This page provides links to agendas, City staff reports, and plans and exhibits for current land use applications to the Board of Adjustment, Historic District Commission, Conservation Commission, Technical Advisory Committee and Planning Board.  The applications included are only those that are on the current agendas for the meeting dates indicated. Links to agendas for prior meetings can be found on the City's Meetings Calendar.
Click on the tab for each land use committee or board below to view the current list of projects.  Note that a particular project may require applications to multiple land use boards or committees, and therefore may appear under multiple tabs.
The information provided here does not necessarily include all of the supporting materials and reports submitted by the applicants. Complete documentation for all land use applications is available for review in the Planning Department during regular City Hall business hours.

  • Planning Board
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Historic District Commission
  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Conservation Commission



Staff Memo

Campus Drive-  Preliminary Conceptual Consultation Review

Deer Street – Preliminary Conceptual Consultation Review

599 Lafayette Road –
                Site Plans
                Drainage Study
                Access Plan

150 Route 1 By-Pass –
                Site Plans
                Drainage Study
                Drainage Evaluation

Campus Drive – Conditional Use Permit

56 Lois Street – Conditional Use Permit
                Site Plans
                Drainage Report
                Fire Truck Turning Exhibit

City Council Referral - 150 Greenleaf Avenue

City Council Referral – Commerce Way
                Release Deed

City Council Referral – Northern Utilities

City Council Referral – 850 Banfield Road

21 Brewster Street



October 25, 2016


Staff Report

Public Hearings – Old Business


Public Hearings – New Business






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